Customization to the nth degree: laser&leather.

What’s better than a stylish edgy bag? The same bag with customer’s name on. The one in the video is a special one-of-a-kind clutch made for a young Newyorker, a true, proud fashionista! It’s a unique clutchbag with owner’s name embossed on the back (putting it on the front would have been too showy, even fashion addicts have their own code of conduct). The best technology to accomplish the purpose is laser: first of all it doesn’t require a specific and expensive die to stamp the leather, secondly laser actually burns leather’s outer layer changing its color creating thus a two-tone effect. Some tests need to be made to decide how deep the beam has to “dig” into leather, my opinion is to set the laser machine from 0.1mm to 0.2mm (technically, we don’t set the depth, we set machine’s power to reach a certain depth). Bear in mind that fake leather is much more delicate and cannot ‘survive’ high temperatures while genuine 1.2-2mm thick cow leather, for instance, is perfect for this job; polyurethane melts easily and -even if processed at low temperature-  wrinkles. An aspect to consider is that burnt area becomes light brown in color, take it into account cause it may not match with the rest of the bag. Keep also in mind that lasers normally operate on flat surfaces, this means that artwork has to be printed/embossed on unfolded flattened patterns before sewing process.


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