Vedovallegra, the spider from Mars

Vedovallegra is a living room table with adjustable legs, something like a spider, it can change its height and, in his mouth, magazines or other little objects can be hided. Zoomorphism is a central point in the last two decades of design.

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vedovallegra1 vedovallegra3 vedovallegra2


Sfera: A space oddity in kitchen

Back in the early 2000s, Sfera is a teapot that resemble everything but a teapot in fact. If it’s true that “form follows function”, we have to admit that when everyone has 3 times as many objects as he needs, some of them could be a little less functional just to be much more decorative. My principle is: A product of design is first of all a sign: it conveys a meaning.

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Redbull Helmet

Back in 2009.. This was a graphic project I submitted to the Dovidesign contest held by Redbull for a helmet livery to be used by the MotoGP racer Andrea Dovizioso. I tried to put on opposite sides flames and waves: the two most powerful forces of this planet.

Medina-davide-helmet-vemar-motogp-3 Medina-davide-helmet-vemar-motogp-2 Medina-davide-helmet-vemar-motogp-1 Medina-davide-helmet-vemar-motogp

The Cadrega chair

This chair was my first project right after graduation at the Polytechnic University of Milan. I wanted to explore the limits of curved tubes so I created a sinuous continuous line, bearing in mind that it was meant to be used as a seat so the functional and ergonomic aspects must be taken into account. #chair #armchair #design #interiordesign #furniture #stylish

Chair Medina Davide