Heart (bucket) Bag

I’m designing this special “Heart Bag” (technically it’s called bucket bag) for a friend, it’s like a present I promised to her.  it took a few months to think it and a few days to design it and.. Tah-dah!



handbag medina davide


A pencil and a dream can take you anywhere

Back in the days, random motorcycles sketches made when I was a youngster trying to explore new forms for a classical product like this. It was a time when pencil was my favorite tool, years before the Wacom Tablets took power. For easy and fast sketching, pencil and Pantone still have reason to survive the come of almighty touchscreen.




Carton Can!

Carton Can is a 2010 project, a trash can made by folded cardboard displaying ads printed all around. Shaped like a cylinder, it’s composed by 4 modules containing different waste materials: paper, metals, glass and plastic. It has a short life-cycle, like advertising campaigns, and it’s totally recyclable.
It keeps environment clean in a cool way!

carton can medina davide designer 1

carton can medina davide designer