Designer Business Cards

_20161224_122628Nowadays we’re online about 24/7, contacting people has never been so easy since everybody leaves traces like his name and email on social networking sites, blogs and e-commerce websites, nonetheless, a business card is a must for a professionals attending meetings and symposiums. Unless you’re the president you definitely need one, giving a business card is an old fashioned, elegant way to share only the salient information about yourself implying you would appreciate to keep in contact with the receiver, a specific person, not the others. Considering this major premise valid for several categories, designers should take another step forward and do something more creative than a plain white paper with a name on, something that can speak in favor of their ability. I know you all love minimalism but in a world of minimalists it’s better to be outstanding. That’s why I made this genuine Tuscany leather business cards featuring my heart/lips distinctive shape.