Sandals with some lowbrow philosophy attached

I feel like I’d like to make some prototypes of sandals, or other kinds of women shoes for what matter. I can’t wait to start using the 3D printer for some cool new projects. Doing quick sketches and renderings is an easy relaxing task – and it’s perfectly fine- but that’s just drawing which is the very early phase of designing. Don’t get me wrong, some sketches on Instagram are literally masterpieces worth being exposed in art galleries, nonetheless, from a designer point of view when we stop at inking some paper without going deeper into the project tackling all the structural and ergonomic issues, we are basically stating our intentions without following up. Taking the next step is far more fascinating to me, getting our hands dirty with clay, cutting, rounding edges, gluing, polishing and painting: That’s the real meaning of design!

Admittedly I am guilty of cutting short the early stage to jump to modelling (the act of making three-dimensional models, no catwalks involved) and it is not exactly by the book because every phase of the process deserves its attention, but I can’t help it, I want to transform my ideas into tangible objects as soon as possible. In my opinion a physical model is worth a thousand drawings, what do you think guys? Do you indulge in pencil and Pantone? If you’re designers feel free to shere your thoughts.


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